• Christy Venter

Day 96

I have to admit that I totally forgot about posting on my blog until about 9:15 PM tonight. After I realized I forgot to post, I then started wondering what in the world I should post about. I'm at Day 96 and I've posted on every single day that I've gone for a run since I started this challenge, today is not the day my streak is ending!

As I was staring at my laptop I was watching the USA Olympic Trials from Eugene, Oregon and the 1500M event came on TV. We all were in amazement at these runners because it really looks like they are going for a leisurely stroll in the park, but their 1500M times are around 3 minutes and 40 seconds. Simply amazing.

I'm really looking forward to the Olympics this year, especially since they were pushed back a year, it's been even that much longer since we've seen the Summer Olympics.

Today's run - 8 miles, 1:08:55 (8:36/mile)

Next run - Saturday, 18 miles

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