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Day 91

It's mid-June, and while it's not the dog days of Summer (it's not even officially Summer yet!), the weather is becoming a bit more of a challenge to overcome, especially for my longer runs. On Thursday, I had an eight mile run, which typically is not too bad, the only time I could fit it in was in the afternoon, around 2:00 PM. Today, I had a 10 mile run, so I got up and out and was on the road by 8:00 AM, it's still plenty hot (and more and more humid) by 10 AM or so. My goal is to start earlier and earlier for my long runs, so I will be attempting to get started by 7:30 AM or so on future weekend long runs.

A congrats goes out to Ella who had her dance recital on Friday night at Tawasentha Park! She was enrolled in ballet this year for the first time in many years, and while she originally signed up because it was one of the only activities still going on during Covid in the Fall of 2020, she remained committed and went to class every Wednesday evening and did a great job performing.

This weekend is a back to back weekend of "long-ish" runs, with 10 miles today, and another 10 mile run tomorrow morning. After my 10 mile run tomorrow I'll be enjoying my Father's Day with the fam.

Today - 10 miles, 1:27:47 (8:46/mile)

Next run - Tomorrow, 10 Miles

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