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Day 87

Today's run was a six-mile recovery run and I managed to get to the Rail Trail in Delmar to do part of the run, and then I traveled up Fisher Blvd. a bit to make my way through Slingerlands and worked my way back on Cherry Avenue to the Rail Trail. It was a nice loop on a nice afternoon to go for a run. It was also an eventful today for another reason - I had my first actual haircut at a barbershop since February of 2020! Christy closed up her salon on our backyard patio so I had to fend for myself to get my haircut for the first time in about 16 months.

One of the hard parts about going on runs outside of my neighborhood is that as soon as I'm done I want a nice cold drink, which is difficult when I have my beverage in the hot car when it's 80 degrees outside. For the past few years, my beverage of choice after a long run has been G2 Grape Gatorade. I've never been into grape soda or grape juice or anything like that, but G2 Grape is just so good and refreshing. I am going to make sure I have G2 at my drink stations along my 40 mile course in September!

I actually need to seriously start to think about hydration and nutrition for my 40 mile run on 9/4. As I get into July and August, I'm going to experiment with some small snacks, gels, and other drinks during my runs so I know what works, and doesn't work for me on long runs.

Today's run - 6 miles, 58:31 (9:45/pace)

Next run - Wednesday, 8 miles

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