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Day 85

Today started out with a new adventure! I had a 5 mile run on today's schedule, but sometimes you just need to put off a run (for a few hours!) to do something else, to spice up the day, to add in a cross training activity. Last year, I started to get into hiking as a fun, but also a challenging, activity. Many of the hikes included myself, Grace, Sandy (our dog), my brother Brendan, my sister-in-law Kimmy, and Callie (their dog). The "Happy Hikers" went all over the Capital District and completed many hikes throughout weekends in the pandemic.

The first hike of 2021 for the "Happy Hikers" was this morning at a new location - Normans Kill Ravines Park, a new park in Delmar. We also welcomed a new member of the "Happy Hikers" as two-month old Bryce joined the crew for the hike today. He did well on his first hike ever and I hear that he's looking forward to more hikes in the near future! Today's photo is the 2021 version of the "Happy Hikers."

It's been important to me to continue these cross training activities, even when running takes up so much of my time. I will try to get in some more hikes throughout the rest of the Summer, and I also try to get in about 3-4 bike rides a week, while also squeezing in some swimming. They all play a role in allowing me to stay in shape, while being outside, with some low impact activities.

After the hike, I was able to get in my five mile run this afternoon out on the rail trail. It was pretty hot out there, but it was a short enough run not to worry too much about the heat. I'm looking forward to my day off tomorrow, before another week of running starts!

Today's run - 5 miles, 48:00 (9:35/pace)

Next run - Tuesday, 6 miles

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