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Day 83

Today's run was a long one - my longest yet! I completed a 16 mile run this morning, which actually was not too bad. In fact, I felt a lot better than last week's long run, which was shorter, at 14 miles. I guess that's a good sign! Although I am getting closer to the point where I need some sort of fuel, or Gatorade, or food, or something during my run. I started and finished today's 16 mile run with no stops. As I get farther along in my training, I will need to incorporate some sort of stop along the way. I need to figure out those logistics.

Speaking of logistics, I'm in pretty good shape regarding figuring out my route for my 40 mile run on September 4th. I'm sure I'll adjust a little bit as I get closer, but I do have a 40 mile route on paper right now. One thing I do know for sure is that the finish line will be at my house!

People continue to step up to donate to my fundraising challenge, and I'm now at 74% of my goal! Thank you to Eric and Lauren Silverman, Robert DiVito and Brian Frasier, and Jim and Diana Venter - you are all awesome, thanks so much!

Today's run - 16 miles, 2:21:04 (8:48/mile)

Next run - Sunday, 5 miles

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