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Day 77

Congratulations to Ella on receiving her Confirmation during a ceremony at the Delmar Reformed Church this morning! She has worked hard for the past nine months and has learned a lot about herself and we are very proud of Ella for this accomplishment.

I was back out on the roads this morning before the church service, with a recovery run of five miles. Typically a five mile run is not a big deal at this point, but coming the day after a 14 mile run the day prior, it was a struggle. My legs were very sore, and I didn't have time to warm them up as I had to get my run out of the way early this morning. It took about two to three miles to get warmed up, and I was very happy once my watch hit the 5.00 mark!

Thank you very much to Rose and Jim Sherin, and Kim and Pat Branigan for their generous donations to my 40 miles for 40 years challenge! The longer this goes on, the more impressed I am with folks who have stepped up to donate. I am now at 70% of my fundraising goal - with just under three months to go until the big day!

Today's photo is another picture of the Circle of Champs group at the YMCA - this is from the annual family picnic at the YMCA Adventure Camp in Guilderland.

Today's run - 5 miles, 48:01 (9:35/mile)

Next run - Tuesday, 4 miles

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