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Day 74

I want to start off today by thanking a bunch of very generous people that have stepped up to donate to my 40 Miles for 40 Years Challenge over the past few days. Every time I receive a notification from my fundraising page that a new donation has come in, it's so exciting to login and see who has made the most recent donation.

Thank you to Jane Hendron (Grandma Jane!), Elizabeth and Jason Kearney, Mimi and Sam Goldman, Rob White, and Billy Jabour for all of your amazing support! All of you were so nice to support me, but more importantly, support the children and families in the Circle of Champs program at the YMCA. As of tonight, my fundraising total stands at $2,480 (64% of my goal!). I am so happy with the progress so far, just $1,520 to go over the next three months.

Today's run was a tough eight miler through my Glenmont neighborhood. Even though my long runs are always on the weekends, I typically have one longer weekday run, which is also getting longer and longer, and with work, kids activities, etc. it's almost more challenging to fit in an eight mile run on a weekday than a longer run on a weekend morning. I'm going to enjoy my next two days with no running before my long run on Saturday morning!

The picture today is a good one of me crossing the finish line at last weekend's "Miles on the Mohawk."

Today's run - 8 miles, 1:10:36 (8:49/pace)

Next run - Saturday, 14 miles

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