• Christy Venter

Day 72

With all the activity this past Sunday, I didn't get a chance to go into detail about my 10 mile run in the Miles on the Mohawk event in Schenectady! I chose the 10 mile event because it was a perfect training run for me based on where I am in my 40 mile training schedule. I've been building up my long run and although I did 12 miles last week, a fast 10 mile run would be good for this weekend's long run.

The 10 mile run unfortunately was the only event that required a shuttle bus, so I had to leave my house at about 6:20 AM, to drive to Schenectady and park right near the Rivers Casino. I then checked in with my team from Nark Running before heading out to pick up the shuttle bus which took me to the start of the 10 mile event. Of course the terrible weather made the waiting around for an hour outside part of the event pretty miserable. It was about 45 degrees, cloudy and rainy.

After finally starting up, about three miles in the sky opened up and it started raining harder and harder. I don't mind running in the rain at all (most of the time!), but when it's 45 degrees, it's pretty rough. However I kept a really solid pace, around 7:50 a mile (give or take a few seconds) and I finished my 10 miles right by the Rivers Casino. If the weather was decent this would have been a fabulous scene at the end of the race, with restaurants, a live band, the water, etc. But it wasn't meant to be, so I grabbed my medal, and my boxed lunch and headed home quickly.

I'm not sure if I will do another official race before my 40 mile challenge on September 4th. I'll see what's available and perhaps something in late June or early July might work.

Today's run - 4 miles, 37:43 (9:24/mile)

Next run - Wednesday, 8 miles

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