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Day 70

Wow, day 70! In some ways, it doesn't feel like I've been doing this for 70 days, but in other ways it feels like I've been working on this challenge for 700 days.

Some days it's somewhat challenging thinking of material for my updates on my blog. I mean how many times can I talk about the weather outside during my run? It gets old, even for me when I'm writing about it.

Today is NOT one of those days! This morning I left my house bright and early at 6:20 AM to head over to Schenectady to compete in the Miles on the Mohawk road race. The event had options at the 5K distance, the 10 mile distance, and the marathon, and I went with the 10 mile option. This. worked well for me because my long runs have been just over 10 miles lately, so it wasn't a detriment to my schedule to have my long run today be at 10 miles. I love any event organized by the Albany Running Exchange (like today's event), and I was happy to participate today in the event which started in Scotia and followed the bike path to finish right by the casino in Schenectady, and I had a nice time of 1 hour, 17 minutes, and 40 seconds (7:45 pace).

But despite my exciting morning, more importantly today is my 17th wedding anniversary! Christy and I were married on this day in 2004 (thank goodness the weather was better 17 years ago today). We had a great night out at the mall (haven't been there in 16 months), with a dinner at Maggie McFly's (never been there). Happy Anniversary to my wife of 17 years :) Many more to come! Today's picture is from tonight's dinner, our first dinner out together since February of 2020.

Today's run - 10 miles, 1:17:40 (7:45 pace)

Next run - Tuesday, 4 miles

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