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Day 7

Thankfully I made it out for my run this morning before the rain came! Weather wasn't too bad, high 40's and cloudy, no wind which was nice.

For the first week, I have been running around my neighborhood but today I drove to the Park and Ride in Delmar (near the dog park). In past years I usually start my long runs from this location. There are some nice loops around the Delmar area and it's a nice place to start a run. Today was my first "long run" (my long runs will be once a week, almost always on a Saturday or Sunday) and I went 5 miles today.

My knee is still annoying me, I've been trying to do some exercises for my IT band on my left leg, which has given me problems in previous years. At mile 4 or so I hit a nice groove and finished strong. I'm still starting out slow to build up my mileage, so today I did 5 miles in 43:57. (about an 8:47 pace).

I have received some donations to my JustGiving page to support my run - five have come in so far, just 95 to go to hit my goal! Thank you to The Dameron Family, The Spinella Family, Barry Hughes (go Golden Knights!), Steve Luppachino (go Eagles!) and my brother Patrick. I appreciate all of your support! As a reminder, all money raised during my journey goes to support the Circle of Champs program at the YMCA for children with a life-threatening illness.

Later today my running coach, Mat Nark, will be posting my schedule for the week. Today's picture is a random one of me showing seven fingers for Day 7 of my journey. I'll try to be better with the pictures in the future.

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