• Ryan Venter

Day 68

I haven't talked much about my nutrition (or lack thereof!) during my 40 Miles for 40 Years Challenge in the past 68 days. Being the husband of a certified health coach, I have all the knowledge at my finger tips, and I've been much better about putting the right food into my body, but today was not one of those days!

I'm typing this post from the couch of my sister and brother-in-laws house in Wethersfield, Connecticut after just finishing a huge serving of Chick-fil-a chicken sandwich, chicken nuggets and french fries. I just couldn't resist indulging on a huge portion of Chick-fil-a when given the opportunity. We don't eat much fast food, but when Chick-fil-a is involved, all bets are off!

I have my good days and bad days in terms of food and nutrition, as do most of us I guess. Unfortunately today = bad day. Oh well, tomorrow is another day!

Today's run - 4 miles, 38:01 (9:29/mile)

Next run - Miles on the Mohawk 10 Mile Race!

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