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Day 66

"I need somebody, HELP. Not just anybody, HELP. You know I need someone, HELP!"

Ok, I've delayed long enough in talking about this, but I could really use everyone's help at this point in reaching my fundraising goal of $4,000. I had a bunch of folks step up and contribute right when I launched my site, and a few weeks ago again I had a good stretch, but it's been a while since my last donation.

As of now, my total raised is $2,200, which puts me at 55% of my goal of $4,000. I know I/we can do it, but things need to pick up a bit over the next couple of months to raise another $1,800 to get me to my $4,000 goal.

The Circle of Champs program at the YMCA is such an awesome program, and your support goes directly to assist families who have a child battling a life-threatening illness. I have about 100 days to go, help me get to the fundraising finish line and then I'll do the rest by running 40 miles on September 4th!

Today's run - 6 miles, 52:47 (8:48/mile)

Next run - Friday, 4 miles

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