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Day 64

The talk around the Town of Bethlehem over the past few days has been the presence of a black bear spotted in a handful of different locations around town. While this typically might not be something I would include in my blog, the bear has been spotted multiple times on the rail trail! In fact it was spotted on the rail trail over the weekend just an hour or so after I was running in that very same section of the trail.

The one thing I could say is that I bet I would never run a training run as fast as if I saw "The Rail Trail Bear" in the middle of my jog!

I can't say that I've come across much wildlife during my training so far. The closest I came to a close call was when a deer ran about 10 feet in front of me when I was on the Delmar Bypass, near Line Drive baseball fields earlier this Spring. Other than that, no bear sightings for me (yet!).

In today's picture you can see The Rail Trail Bear going for a stroll.

Today's run - 3 miles, 29:06 (9:41 pace)

Next run - Wednesday, 4 miles

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