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Day 63

Oh my gosh, today's run was a tough one. I haven't had much trouble with my long runs over the past few weeks, but today was brutal. I am not sure if it was the humidity, or the heat, or. maybe the wind, but I slogged my way through 12 miles and felt like I barely survived. It usually seems to take me a few miles to get going and get into a rhythm, but today I never hit my stride. Mile 1-3 were rough, but then 4-8 were also tough, and no different from miles 9-12. I'm just happy today is over.

I'm also thinking I could have been a bit dehydrated as after I arrived home I couldn't seem to drink enough water to quench my thirst. Well whatever it was, today is over.

After this run I had to put in a picture to cheer me up, so here is one of me and my girls before the Providence Half Marathon, I think in 2011.

Today's run - 12 miles, 1:47:08 (8:55/mile)

Next run - Monday, 3 miles

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