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Day 54

First of all, congratulations to my brother Brendan for his inclusion in the Albany Business Review's 40 under 40 induction luncheon today! Quite an honor!

As I head through the month of May, even my recovery runs are getting longer and longer. Today, I had a slow recovery run, but it was still six miles. I remember back in March my recovery runs were about three miles. In fact, this week I am running a total of 30 miles once I complete my 12 mile long run on Sunday.

Today's photo is a screenshot of some other songs on my "Running Jamz" playlist that my daughter Ella created for me. Yes, it's spelled with a "z", not with an "s." I have a couple Goo Goo Dolls songs, Tom Petty songs, and Dave Matthews Band songs. Ella really knows how to make a running playlist! Although I think I might have added a few of these.

Today's run - 6 miles, 58:37 (9:45 pace)

Next run - Sunday, 12 miles

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