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Day 49

Happy Mother's Day!

This morning started with an early run with my brother-in-law through Delmar. My training plan called for 10 miles which was the same distance as last week's long run. Although my long run was the same as last week, my total weekly mileage is starting to creep up as I get more into the Spring. With my 10 mile run today, my weekly mileage was 27 miles, compared to a total of 15 miles back in late March when I first started my training plan.

My running partner did a heck of a job pacing me and keeping me focused. I think he earned a promotion to a pacer on the day of my race on September 4th.

The schedule for this upcoming week was just posted on my Final Surge app, and it's going to be a challenge! I have four runs on the schedule, starting with a recovery run tomorrow, and ending with a 12 mile long run on Sunday. Not only is my long run increasing, but I have a run on Wednesday of eight miles and a run on Friday of six miles. But hey, no one ever said this was going to be easy!

Today's run - 10 miles, 1:30:05 (9:00/mile)

Next run - Monday, 4 miles

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