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Day 42

The number 42 is pretty important to me as it was my uniform number for my high school basketball career. I ended up with #42 because when I was a sophomore, I had the last pick of uniforms, so I received 42 and it stuck with me for my career. The picture below is from my last home basketball game in high school, with my parents by my side, proudly wearing the #42. Pretty cool bowl haircut I have, don't you think?

Today's run was a 10 mile long run through the roads of Delmar. It was an absolutely beautiful morning - comfortable temperature, no wind, and the sun was shining - it was glorious. I felt really sluggish the first couple of miles, which has been a trend on some of my long runs, but I got through it and ran a nice 10 miles.

A special "shout out" to my daughter Grace who completed her version of a triathlon today - she went for a swim, she went on a couple bike rides, and she had track practice tonight with Delmar Track and Field. Pretty impressive day for Grace!

Today's run - 10 miles, 1 hour and 29 minutes and 00 seconds (8:53 pace)

Next run - TBD

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