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Day 31

My regret of the day today - not going out for my run before this afternoon! After about 2:00 PM today, the weather completely changed and went from about mid 50's and sunny to mid 30's with a mix of freezing rain, hail, snow, rain, and just about everything else. I'm certainly not a fan of running inside on the treadmill, but I was forced to do so today and went for my five mile run in my basement on the dreadmill, I mean treadmill. The picture I've included today is a picture of the radar that led me to my decision to run inside today.

I have some exciting updates to share on the fundraising front as I've received two additional donations over the past two days. A big thank you goes out to Mike Bellizzi for his support of my 40 miles for 40 years journey! As an employee of Saint Rose, I knew all about the legacy of Bob Bellizzi and the Bellizzi family and I'm proud to have support from Mike in my journey, thank you Mike! Also, I received a donation from the Dunham family, all the way from Fairfax Station, Virginia. The Dunhams were great neighbors, and still great friends, even after moving down to Virginia a few years ago. Thank you to Tim, Nancy, Ben and "Little" Ryan!

Today's run - 5 miles, 44:29 (8:54/mile)

Next run - Friday, 4/23, 4 miles

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