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Day 30

Wow - Day 30! I can't believe it's been a month since I started my 40 miles for 40 years journey. So far I'm happy with my progress and I think I'm right where I want to be as I continue to keep my eyes set on September 4th, 2021.

For long runs, which are now over an hour, all good runners need a quality pair of sneakers, comfortable socks, and something good to listen to on AirPods. As I was training for my marathon in November of 2020, my daughter, Ella, put together a playlist for me to listen to on Spotify - called "Running Jamz." Today's picture is a screenshot of 1/3 of my songs on "Running Jamz."

I'll follow up in future days with the other songs I have on my playlist. Have any suggestions of songs I should add to my playlist? Comment on this blog post and I'll add the songs to my playlist. After all, I will need to entertain myself for about 7-8 hours on September 4th!

Today's run - 4 miles, 38:53 (9:42 pace)

Next run - Wednesday, 5 miles

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