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Day 26

Race night! I just got home from participating in the 5K portion of the Helderberg to Hudson event, which was held at the Altamont Fairgrounds. I've run plenty of races in good weather and bad weather, but tonight was one of the worst for sure. When I parked and got out of my car to head to the start, it started pouring and it was about 42 degrees outside. The only other event that compares to this was the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Providence about 10 years ago. Although that event was in the Summer, so a heck of a lot warmer than today.

Before the event started tonight I met up with Coach Nark for a little race prep. We went over the plan and I ran a mile to warm up before the 5K. Before we event started I was completely soaked, especially my feet. I was in one of the first groups so I started around 6:00 PM and I was off. I was basically running through mud for the first half a mile, until finally we hit the roads. The rain let up soon after the race started, so that was at least a piece of good news! The picture in today's post is courtesy of Coach Nark.

My goal was 22:30 (7:15 pace) and I finished with a time of 21:51 (7:02 pace), and I was very happy with the results. I can't even remember the last 5K I competed in, so I really had no idea how tonight would go, but it turned out great. I hope to use this as a springboard to continue doing well in my training.

Today's run - 3.1 miles, 21:51 (7:02 pace)

Next run - Sunday, 6 miles

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