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Day 24

Day 24 of my 40 miles for 40 years journey was probably my most interesting run so far. Yesterday I had to bring one of our cars to Armory Garage on Central Avenue in Albany, for a recall on the rearview camera. I dropped it off in the morning and I was not able to pick it up later in the day, so I had to get over to Armory today to pick up the car.

As I was trying to figure out with Christy how to get there, I thought - instead of getting a drive to Armory Garage, why not just run there? From my house in Glenmont to Armory Garage is 8.3 miles, and I only had a five mile run on my schedule. So, Christy drove me from our house to Delmar and dropped me off at Jim's Tastee Freez (my old employer!) and I ran from Jim's Tastee Freez to Armory Garage. It is exactly 5.0 miles from Tastee Freez to Armory Garage.

For almost all of my weekday runs I typically just run around my neighborhood, so this was actually a really nice change of pace to run a route that I've never done before. I took the picture below after arriving at Armory Garage to pick up my car.

Today's run - 5 miles, 43:56 (8:47 pace)

Next run - Friday, 5 miles (1 mile warm up, then my 3.1 mile race, then a 1 mile cool down)

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