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Day 22

Today was my first "back to back" run as I had my long run yesterday (Sunday) and I had a short recovery run this afternoon. I've found recovery runs to be kind of frustrating as I am forced to run at an extremely slow pace, just shy of a 10 minute mile pace. For years and years I've run almost all of my training runs at right around an eight mile pace (sometimes a little faster, sometimes a little slower), so a 10 minute pace almost feels like I'm speedwalking.

Outside of the running news, I'm happy to say that Christy received her second dose of the Covid vaccine earlier today! We are both fully vaccinated (I just need to wait one more week and Christy two weeks post-vax before I guess you can say we are completely done). First item of business once we are completely done - out to dinner!

Today's run - 3 miles, 28:57 (9:38 pace)

Next run - Wednesday, 5 miles

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