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Day 21

I've passed the 20 day mark in my training (probably about 150 or so to go) and my long runs are now increasing pretty substantially. Today's run was eight miles long and I could start to feel it hitting me around miles five and six. It's hard to believe that I will need to do today's run four more times to get to my 40 mile goal on September 4th.

As I look towards this week's schedule, I have my first race as part of my schedule on Friday evening. I will be competing in the Helderberg to Hudson event at the Altamont Fair. I entered into the 5K event, which Coach Nark recommended, as it will give me a good baseline to see where I am at this point in terms of my speed. I honestly can not remember the last time I competed in a 5K, it's been at least a few years as lately I've done half-marathons and a marathon last November.

I start all of my long runs at the Park and Ride in Delmar, which is the image in today's picture. I like doing the loop from the park and ride around Bethlehem Central HS, which is about 2.5 miles and at this point starting my long runs at this locations is just what I'm comfortable doing.

Today's run - 8 miles, 1:09:05 (8:37 pace)

Next run - TBD

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