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Day 165

Updated: Sep 2

Well, there's nothing else I can do at this point. Today, I completed my final training run, an easy run of six miles through my neighborhood in Glenmont. My training for the 40 mile run is done. In just three days I will be starting out for the longest run of my life and at the very least, I can be confident in myself knowing that I put in the work to accomplish this goal. I did not miss one run that was scheduled as part of my training. There were plenty of days where I did not want to go out for a run. There were many hot days, or days where the rain was coming down sideways, or days when the snow was falling, or days when I couldn't find the time to fit in a run. But through all of that, I made it work. I am happy where I'm at now, so all that's left is actually running 40 miles!

Day 1 of the "40 Miles for 40 Years Challenge" was way back on March 22 and if you remember, I had to delay the start because my knee was bothering me to the point where I had to take almost two weeks off from running. Thankfully I've stayed injury-free and other than some nagging blisters, my body has held up great. I've never been in better shape in my life, so if there's anytime I can accomplish a goal like this, this is it.

I have a bunch of thank you's to send out today - Barbara Scheuermann, Grace Fielder, Doris Davis, Anonymous, Bruce and Maryalice Svare, The Nautel Family, Karen Haag, Erin and Mark Svare and Anonymous. The amazing support continues - thank you to everyone I mentioned above! At this point, 107 donors have supported my challenge and $6,785 has been contributed to the Circle of Champs program at the YMCA.

One more run to go! My final blog post will be Saturday night. All good things must come to an end :)

Today's run - 6 miles, 53:26 (8:53/mile)

Next run - Saturday, 40 MILES

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