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Day 163

The days are really winding down at this point until the big run on Saturday. I'm getting more nervous, anxious, excited, etc. each day as Saturday approaches. It was great to go out to lunch today with a friend and a big sports fan like myself, Mark Audino, to chat about running, the Y and everything in between. Mark is a devoted volunteer at the YMCA and has done so many amazing things for children and families in the Circle of Champs program over the years. I also need to pass along my thanks to Mark for making a donation to my 40 Miles for 40 Years Challenge today. That makes it 99 donors! Today's picture is a photo of Mark and I at lunch at Junior's in Albany today.

I am really tapering down this last week as I had an easy four mile run this afternoon. I have one final training run on Wednesday of six miles and that's it until Saturday! I've also spent a lot of time figuring out my meals for the final few days. I've cut out all alcohol for 10 days leading up to my 40 mile run and I'm trying to eat as sensibly as possible. I want to have no regrets on race day!

Today's run - 4 miles, 38:09 (9:32/mile)

Next run - Wednesday, 6 miles

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