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Day 162

The countdown is on! Six days to go until the big day - 40 miles. It really feels like this 40 mile run has been some distant thing in the future that was never actually going to happen. Well, this idea that I had in my head back in March, now becomes a reality in just a few days.

I had a 10 mile run today and felt great which gives me a lot of confidence heading into the week. Also, the weather as of now (knocking on wood) looks great for Saturday. Overnight from Friday into Saturday looks like a low of about 52 degrees, and the high temperature on Saturday appears to be int he low 70's with low humidity. I could not ask for a better day, let's just hope it comes to fruition. My brother joined me for three miles of my 10 mile run. I practiced running miles 10 to 20 and Brendan joined me for miles 17-20, which will be his portion of the run on Saturday.

A few more donations have come in recently and I want to thank Bill and Kathy McCartan and the Prinzo Family for their support! This brings my total fundraising number to $6,315 from a total of 97 donors. Just a few days left, donations still accepted!

Today's run - 10 miles, 1:30:33 (9:03/mile)

Next run - Monday, 4 miles

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