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Day 160

As I sat down tonight to write my blog entry on Day 160 of my "40 Miles for 40 Years Challenge," it started to sink in just how much this event has spread. Just in this past week I've had family and friends post on social media about the 40 mile run, it was published in the Times Union, the Saint Rose Department of Athletics posted about it, and today I noticed that a tweet was sent out by the Northeast-10 Athletics Conference about the challenge, and also The College of Saint Rose main Facebook page posted about the run.

I've started to think about how this started just as an idea in my head back in March, to now I've raised over $6,000 for the Circle of Champs program, and thousands of people have become aware of the 40 for 40 event. On the other side of things, I've also started to realize how much pressure I have put on myself to actually run the 40 miles! As I said the other day to a friend, I still have a long way to go!

I have a whole bunch of thank you's to send out tonight as well as I want to recognize Frank and Mary Ellen Pugliano, John and Maura Barrett, Anonymous, Helen Salamone (my kindergarten teacher!), Josh Lewis, and Walter Berry. What a great group of people!

Today's run - 6 miles, 54:34 (9:05/mile)

Next run - Sunday, 10 miles

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