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Day 155

We returned from our vacation in the Outer Banks last night at about 9:00 PM as yesterday was a fun-filled day of being in the car for 13 hours. So needless to say - no running yesterday. We've done the trip to the Outer Banks 5 of 6 times, so the long drive was nothing new to me, but 13 hours is still 13 hours. To kill a few hours, I listened to Sebastian Maniscalco stand up shows through the car audio. He's the best.

Today I had a 13 mile run on my schedule and I wanted to make sure I got that in before the remnants of Henri came through our area. Plus the lawn looked like a jungle, so I had to make sure I cut that in the morning and then I went over to the rail trail for my run.

I almost always start my runs on the rail trail in the same location in Slingerlands, but instead of going towards Albany, I went the other way on the rail trail to Voorheesville and I went to the beginning in Voorheesville. It was just shy of four miles, so I went four miles to Voorheesville, four miles back to Slingerlands, then continued towards Albany for 2.5 miles, and then back to Slingerlands to complete the 13 mile run.

Today I sent out my schedule to all of my running partners as I'm finalizing the logistics for the run on September 4th. I'll have a running partner with me for the final 30 miles of my run. The first 10 miles will be on my own which will be nice. I'll have time to get a good pace, think about the upcoming challenge, and get a good mindset to finish my 40 miles. Things are starting to come together!

Today's. run - 13 miles, 1:55:59 (8:55/mile)

Next run - Monday, 6 miles

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