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Day 151

Ugh. I had a really tough run this morning as I attempted to run 10 miles in some really challenging heat and humidity. I started as early as I possibly could (about 6:30 AM), but I was really dragging starting around mile 4 or 5. It was one of those runs where I just never hit my groove, every tenth of a mile felt like about a full mile, and I probably sweat off about 10 pounds. I had to walk for a bit at two different times which I've avoided on almost every other run in my 151 days, but not today. Thankfully, I have time to recover, and have a few other chances to get going again before September 4th. Tomorrow is a much needed day off.

After my run I happened to be driving down the street on a jeep and saw some wild horses (picture below). Very strange.

One more donation came in since my last post, from Joseph and Sandy Nardoci. If you could call someone the heart and soul of the Champs program, Sandy would be that person. She's been there since the beginning and continues to do amazing work for so many kids. Thank you Sandy and thank you Joe!

Today's run - 10 miles, 1:34:49 (9:28/mile)

Next run - Friday, 8 miles

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