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Day 136

Well, I don't really have too much exciting news to report today. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I HIT MY FUNDRAISING GOAL!!!!! Between reaching out to extended family and friends, to posts on social media, to the Y posting on their social media, I surpassed my $4,000 fundraising goal earlier this afternoon! I am now at $4,050 and I could not be any happier! This means that over $4,000 is going right to support children and families in the Circle of Champs program at the YMCA. Families will be able to go to the Y together, kids will be able to attend Summer camp, and much, much more!

I did complete my six mile recovery run this morning, but today is not about running. Today is about celebrating and as soon as I hit my goal, I went outside and celebrated. (see picture)

I have so many thank you's to deliver so here you go. Thank you to Tommy and Maeve Spinella (not sure how they managed to make an online donation), Ron Ta (former ACPHS XC superstar), Cristina Manzano, Anonymous, Peggy Quigley, Sharon and Tony Spinella, Lainey Laferriere, The Robbins Family and Jen Gish. You all are awesome and so generous! Now comes the hard part - actually running 40 miles, but I am even more determined because of your support!

Today's run - 6 miles, 59:54 (9:57/mile)

Next run - 10 miles

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