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Day 134

Today was my big interview day with Matt Hunter from Spectrum News 9! Matt met me at the Rail Trail in Slingerlands and is working on a feature story on the "40 Miles for 40 Years Challenge." I ran with him for a while as he filmed me and I spoke about my reasons for the challenge, the impact I hope to have on the Circle of Champs program, and my training plan. Be on the lookout for the story, which should be on air at the end of this week or early next week. I'm looking forward to seeing the final product!

Other than my interview, my actual running today was miserable. I had to run a total of 12 miles, with six in the morning and six in the afternoon. After Matt and I finished our meeting, I completed six miles on the rail trail, and then I went out a few hours later for six more around my neighborhood. My legs are completely dead. I can't imagine running one more mile after this weekend. I ran 35 miles and have taken over 75,000 steps in these two days. Thankfully I'm off from running tomorrow. I need it. I'm running on empty.

Today's run - 12 miles, 1:53:46. (9:28/mile)

Next run - Tuesday, 6 miles

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