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Day 129

After a much-needed day off on Sunday, I was back training today with a very easy four mile recovery run today. Despite the short distance, I just simply could not find the time to get in my run, but I finally had 40 minutes in between the end of a Zoom call, and an appointment for Sandy at the vet. Just my luck as I was tying my Mizuno Wave Inspires to head outside, in comes the storm. I couldn't wait out the storm because time was tight, so I went down on the treadmill. I couldn't believe it that I was running on a treadmill in late July, but oh well, not the end of the world, I got it done.

A big thank you goes out to Karen Halvorsen for her donation to the "40 Miles for 40 Years Challenge!" Thanks Karen for stepping up to support the challenge and the Circle of Champs kids!

Although today's run was here in Glenmont, I wanted to make sure I posted a picture of me visiting the abandoned Frontier Town up in North Hudson, NY over the weekend. I took a fun field trip to the site of an old Adirondacks landmark and swatted away about 10,000 bugs during the process.

On another note, here's a teaser for the future - keep your eyes on Spectrum news starting in early August! :)

Today's run - 4 miles, 38:44. (9:40/mile)

Next run - Wednesday, 6 miles

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