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Day 126

Today was long run Saturday up in the Adirondacks! It might have been the best day of the Summer today and I couldn't have done a 16 mile run in a better spot than up at Schroon Lake. I was on the roads by 7:30 AM and I completed my long run without any issues. In fact, my mile splits decreased as the miles went on which I was happy to see. In fact, my 16th mile was my fastest mile as I completed it in a time of 8:21, while my first mile I did in 8:43.

After my run, I decided to join the rest of the crew for a swim across Schroon Lake, which is a half of a mile swim. I went into it just assuming I would call it quits after a few minutes (we had a boat alongside us which I could hop on at anytime). But we were in calm waters, and I was feeling strong so I finished the swim, not quite as fast as Ella, but I was happy to finish my very own Schroon Lake Aquathlon (I had to look up the word for a run and a swim). Other finishers of the Schroon Lake Aquathlon included Christy, Joyce, Jack and Grace. I was debating a bike ride this afternoon, but I couldn't quite motivate myself to do so, maybe next time.

Today's run - 16 miles, 2:20:10 (8:45/mile)

Next run - Sunday, 10 miles

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