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Day 124

I was able to get my run done and out of the way nice and early today, as I completed a six mile run this morning around Glenmont. In fact, I have another day off tomorrow (Friday) before a run on Saturday and a run on Sunday, so it's a relatively light week for me, with only four days of running and a total of 40 miles in the week. Also, my long run is only 16 miles so I'm trying to take advantage by resting as much as possible on my three days off. I'm coming up on a month before my 40 mile run, rest will be so critical to staying injury free and to be able to peak in late August/early September.

More importantly, I'm starting to get worried about my fundraising goal as I need to raise another $800 by September 4th to hit the $4,000 mark. It's been a slow few weeks and with about 40 days to go, I need to average $40 every two days to get to $800. If anyone can share, like, post, etc. to help out, I would really appreciate the support! Every dollar counts, especially as we get down to the final few dollars to hit goal!

Today's run - 6 miles, 56:25 (9:23/mile)

Next run - Saturday, 16 miles

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