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Day 122

Back on the rail trail today! I had an eight mile run today, with the final mile being a mile of striders, which is basically sprinting for 100 meters, then slow jogging for 100 meters, then back to sprinting for 100 meters, then slow jogging, etc. You get the idea. It was super humid today so I just plowed through. Just do it!

In past posts I've discussed the music I listen to, the. new gel I've been trying, and more - but perhaps more important than any of those items would be the sneakers I wear while running! When I first got the running bug (maybe 2008 or so??), I had no idea what I was doing, so my first order of business was to find a decent pair of sneakers. I made a great decision and went to Fleet Feet in Albany and spent about an hour with the staff at the store to find a pair of sneakers that worked best for me. I tried a bunch of different pairs on, walked inside, ran outside the store, and finally decided on the Mizuno Wave Inspire. I had no idea that 12-13 years later, I would STILL be wearing the Mizuno Wave Inspire. On an annual basis, I upgrade to the newest pair and I am now wearing the Mizuno Wave Inspire 17. I wouldn't trust my feet in any other shoe for my 40 Miles for 40 Years Challenge!

Today's run - 8 miles, 1:09:36 (8:42/mile)

Next run - Thursday, 6 miles

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