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Day 120

In many ways, the run on the day AFTER my long run is harder than the long run itself. After yesterday's 20 mile run, I felt very accomplished, but of course I was pretty sore waking up this morning. For all of my previous training plans, I never would run on a day after a long run, but all that has changed this Summer. So today on my schedule was an eight mile run, and I struggled for at least the first couple of miles to loosen up and get going with my run.

After a home maintenance issue (I'll spare the details), I carved out a little over an hour to get my run done today. So this weekend I ran a total of 28 miles, and I ran a total of 46 miles for the week. I haven't kept track throughout my years of running, but I can pretty much guarantee this week I ran more than any other week in my life. The good news is that I feel totally fine. My blisters that I was dealing with a few weeks ago are much better, my bothersome knee that was a problem at the very beginning of training is feeling fine, and although the weather has been terrible for beach activities it has been ideal in many ways for long distance running. All is good with seven weeks to go! (knocking on wood as I type this statement)

Today's run - 8 miles, 1:16:19 (9:32/mile)

Next run - Tuesday, 6 miles

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