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Day 119

Today was long run Saturday! And when I mean long run, I mean LONG run. I ran a total of 20 miles today for my weekend long run and as I sit here at about 9:30 PM typing out this post, I feel fine. Sure, a bit sore, but overall I'm feeling very good.

I'm now running stretches of my route for my 40 mile run on September 4th and since I had a 20 mile run scheduled for today, it was a great opportunity to run a long stretch of my route. I started at my house in Glenmont, worked my way to the rail trail, traveled into Slingerlands, went up to the high school, and hit the dog park at mile 10 (where I strategically placed my Gatorade bottle prior to the run). I then went back into Delmar, up towards Hamagrael School, then worked my way back to Glenmont and finished my run at my house. Other than my one quick stop to drink my Gatorade, I kept my pace pretty consistent around nine minutes a mile.

Seven weeks from today is September 4th, when I have to run DOUBLE what I just ran today. It's a pretty intimidating thought if I'm being honest.

Thank you so much to Sandy McMillen for her donation to the 40 Miles for 40 Years Challenge, I appreciate your support! MeadowView2 pride!

Today's run - 20 miles, 3:00:45 (9:02/pace)

Next run - Sunday, 8 miles

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