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Day 113

Updated: Jul 12

Long Run Saturday! Although today was not as long as my long runs have been lately, so my run of 12 miles today felt like a breeze. The shorter than usual Saturday run, combined with the awesome weather, made it a great day for a run. I was just looking at the calendar and I only have seven more long runs before the big day on September 4! It actually might even be six more long runs, because I doubt I will be doing a very long run on Saturday, August 28, the week before my 40 mile run.

Today was a first for me in one regard - in that I ate an energy gel during my run. I carried the gel packet along with me during the run in my pocket, and then at mile nine, I took out the gel packet, ripped it open and ate it, and then finished my run. It didn't taste great (it was watermelon flavored), but it was very easy to eat and I felt good the last few miles. I'm going to plan on trying a few more of these during my runs over July and August to test it out, and if all goes well I will plan to include a couple gel packets during my 40 mile run in September.

Today's run - 12 miles, 1:42:24 (8:31/mile)

Next run - Sunday, 6 miles

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