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Day 108

On Day 108 of the 40 Miles for 40 Years Challenge, I completed an "easy" run of six miles on the rail trail early this afternoon, right around lunch time. The run was titled an "easy" run, but nothing much is easy about it when it is in the low 80's with very high humidity.

I've posted a few times throughout these past 108 days about some of my cross training activities including swimming and hiking and cooking :). As I've started to use the rail trail more over the past three years or so, I've also started biking a lot more. Thanks to the recent purchase of a bike from my neighbor, I've never used a bike as much as I've had recently. Whether it's with my daughters, or with their friends and their friends' dads, or on my own, or whatever, I've logged quite a few miles on my bike.

I was listening to a podcast earlier today with Dean Karnazes (the most famous ultramarathon runner in the world) and he spoke about the importance of cross training. Despite the insane amount of miles he logs running, he makes it a point to cross train with a purpose. For him, it's almost as important as the miles he puts in running and he credits a lot of his success to this regimen.

Today's run - 6 miles, 52:05 (8:41/mile)

Next run - Wednesday, 4 miles

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