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Day 104

My run on Day 104 of the "40 Miles for 40 Days Challenge" was an easy four mile recovery run through my neighborhood. It was a day to get it done, check it off the list, and prepare for my long run tomorrow, which will be 18 miles. Surprisingly, I should have ideal running weather tomorrow morning as it is expected to be in the mid 50's and cloud tomorrow around 8 AM when I plan to head out on my run.

Last night the fam was over in Hartford and we attended the USA women's soccer team game vs. Mexico. Everything about the game and the night was great, except of the minor detail that it poured rain the entire night. Oh well, we all dried out after the game and enjoyed our time.

Today's run - 4 miles, 36:45 (9:10/mile)

Next run - Saturday, 18 miles

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