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Day 102

I was back at it today with another run, and today I made it a point to get up early, get my morning chore done which consisted of walking the dog, and then get started with my training run for the day. I was out on the roads at about 7:15 AM today. Today's run was a new one for me as it consisted of a three mile warmup run, then a transition into a steady state run, which meant I picked up my pace to a eight minute mile pace, and then a cooldown run of about two miles. The total run was eight miles for me and I was thankful I made the decision to get it out of the way early this morning because not only was it very hot and humid again this afternoon, but we also had a bunch of storms, which would have made a long afternoon run very challenging.

The biggest problem I've had lately is bad blisters on both of my pinkie toes. Over the past weekend it got to the point where both my pinkie toes developed nasty blisters on my long run and started to hurt quite a bit. I started to wear these tube-like bandaids with gel inside during my runs which help a lot. I'll be continuing to wear them as well as starting to try out some better socks and I'm hoping a combination of those two things will put me in better shape moving forward.

Today's run - 8 miles, 1:11:17 (8:51/mile)

Next run - Friday, 4 miles

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