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Day 101

It's rather fitting that today is Day 101 for my 40 Miles for 40 Years Challenge, because on my run today it felt like 101 degrees outside. No, I'm not exaggerating, the heat index was 101 degrees during my run (or maybe it was 100, but let's just say it was 101!). I couldn't get my run in this morning so I had to go out in the afternoon around 4 PM which was literally boiling outside. It was partly cloudy, so when the sun was out during my run it was just painful.

Thankfully I only had a 4 mile run this afternoon, so I wasn't outside forever, but it is good for me to get more used to running the heat. July is only a couple days away and then I have a full month in August which will be the peak of my training plan. I need to run in the heat if I'm going to accomplish what I need to get myself prepared for 40 miles on September 4. Plus, who knows what the weather will be on September 4? Believe it or not, the last day that it officially hit 100 degrees in Albany was on September 3, so who knows what will come on that day. It could be cold, or windy, or hot, or sunny - I'm going to prepare myself for the worst, and hope for the best!

Today's run - 4 miles, 36:59 (9:14/mile)

Next run - Wednesday, 9 miles

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