• Ryan Venter

Day 1

Well, here we go! Today is the day I start the biggest physical challenge in my life. I am attempting to complete a 40 mile challenge on my 40th birthday, September 4, 2021. It feels crazy as I say it to myself, and it feels even crazier as I put it in writing. I’ve been a “runner” for about 13-14 years now, but I’ve never done anything this challenging (crazy??). Why attempt this? I guess I could say, why not? Or I can sum it up in four letters – Y O L O. I mean I’m sure as heck not going to run 50 miles on my 50th birthday, so I figured, I’ll try for 40 miles on my 40th.

Today I met my running coach, Mat Nark, in person. Mat is a respected local running coach, and there’s no way I am going to try this by creating a training plan that I find online. I need an experienced coach who has a track record of helping runners hit goals. Whether someone wants a 5K PR, or someone wants to complete a marathon, Mat has done it, and I know he is the perfect coach for me. I’ve spoken with Mat on the phone and via text, but today we met in person so he was able to go over the plan with me.

All signs are positive except my left knee has been bugging me. I talked to Mat about it and he thinks it’s probably runner’s knee. For the past two months I completed the “Insanity” program and I think all of the jumping and plyometrics did a number on my knee. No more jumping for a while! I’ve been icing my knee and taking care of it, so fingers crossed we are good to go. I completed my first run today, 3 miles, recovery run, all went well. Next run - Wednesday, 3/24.

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